Know all about your web customers and optimize your business! TrendyMac is simply the best pure Mac log analyzer - and, well, the only too! Another Mac-first from turingart.
Web analytics made simple TrendyMac is simply the best native web stat [webs-site usage] solution for Mac OS X system. Using an intuitive Mac windows metaphor, reports are made within minutes. Open the QuickTime movie and watch a sample TrendyMac session [DSL/Cable]. Optimizing eCommerce revenue TrendyMac answers questions like
  • How many users have been forwarded through my AdWords campaign?
  • How did users found my web-site based on search engine queries?
  • Which pages of my web-site are most important for users?
  • How moved users through my website from page to page?
Well integrated with OS X As a first class Mac OS X client, TrendyMac is well integrated with your system. Using the clipboard, any chart can be copied using a single Mouse click into any other Mac application. Since TrendyMac uses vector graphics, chart look great even when the get resized in other applications.
Furthermore, TrendyMac is drag'n'drop compliant: Drag a TrendyMac chart and drop it into Mail, Pages or the desktop. System requirements Requires OS X 10.2.8 or Windows XP