Don't miss a call! F!Watch monitors your FRITZ!Box Phone and shows real-time call histories.
F!Watch - Your personal Mac phone center F!Watch monitors AVM's FRITZ!Box Phone [7050] DSL/VOIP devices and brings call histories right to your OS X desktop. Since FRITZ!Box Phone is a central device in your network, you not even see your own phone calls, but all phone calls of all users of your VoIP, ISDN or analog phone lines.

Futhermore, F!Watch saves call histories as Microsoft Excel sheets. Thus, F!Watch allows to efficiently control your communication expenses. Usage

  • Drag F!Watch to a folder of your hard disk and start the application.
  • Enter the IP-Address of your device in the field labeled 'Device'.
  • Enter the admin password of your device in the field labeled 'Pass'.
  • Finally, check 'Watch'.
F!Watch polls your FRITZ!Box Phone each few seconds and updates its call history window. Supported firmware F!Watch has is compatible with these firmware releases [External: AVM download.]:
  • Firmware 14.03.85
  • Firmware 14.03.86
Supported devices
  • AVM FRITZ!Box Phone
  • AVM FRITZ!Box Phone WLAN
System requirements Requires OS X 10.2.8 Trademarks FRITZ!, FRITZ!Box Phone and FRITZ!Box are trademarks of registered trademarks of AVM, Berlin, Germany.
Microsoft and Excel are trademarks of registered trademarks of Microsoft, RedMond, USA.